Safe & Secure Locksmith Helping Landlords

Safe and Secure deliver a professional and trustworthy locksmith service to landlords in the Hampshire area.

We can help manage your portfolio with our range of LOCAL services specifically designed for landlords and their rental properties. Whether you need a locksmith for a new or existing property our friendly team are there for you and your tenants 24 hours a day, from changing locks to securing unoccupied properties. Our  services to landlords often include:

• Changing doors
• Door locks both internally and externally
• Pre-arrange prices for lock and emergency situations with your tenants
• Internal locks changed
• Catches and window catches repaired
• Window hinges repaired
• Double glazing window repairs and replacements

Have your old tenants left your property? How do you know whether they have copies of your keys? Have your keys been returned or do you have lost window keys or damaged locks? Are you fed up with your tenents locking themselves out?

Why not give us a call today and see how Safe and Secure can assist you.

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